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colorful row homesWelcome to All-Ready RentedTM – the premiere site for learning how to rent successfully to traveling healthcare professionals.

Investors: Interested in cash flowing rental properties?

It is possible to cash flow with travel nurse rentals! In fact, some landlords will only rent to travel nurses, because it’s hard to cash-flow otherwise in their area.

Worried about the “three T’s” that keep many investors away from becoming landlords? Our approach drastically minimizes the hassles of maintenance, as well as trouble tenants.

Our comprehensive training guides you through the decision process of picking the right investments, running the numbers, preparing your unit(s), and then serving a non-stop supply of responsible, reliable, employed tenants.

We’ll show you how to:

  • Pick the right properties with the features that make them easy to rent.
  • Assess the true costs – and profits – of holding these sorts of properties.
  • Furnish your unit appropriate to traveling healthcare professionals’ needs.
  • Line up property management who can take over the maintenance and tenant screening for you.

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    Already a landlord with trouble tenants?

    man standing at windowThere are a million ways short-term renters can cause problems for you and your property.

    Maybe you’re an AirBNB host who’s had issues with guests who don’t follow the rules. They invite people you never allowed, or they leave your place a mess after they go. Maybe they have wild parties and disturb the neighbors.

    One AirBNB problem renter is an issue. More than one is a pattern, and plenty of landlords have found out the hard way how short-term rentals aren’t actually the answer to their passive income dreams.

    AirBNB problems aren’t the only issue you can face as a landlord.

    trashed roomLong-term renters can be a real hassle, too. They call you at all hours to fix things they could fix themselves. “Come change my lighbulb,” they say. “There’s a snake in my garage,” they complain.

    They expect you to either take care of everything for them… or they expect you to be fine with them messing with your property.

    They put in a shed. Or they take up the carpet. Or they decide to let their relatives move in with them.

    Worse still, they decide not to pay rent because of the pandemic. Even if they still have a job.

    What’s a landlord to do?

    We can help.

    We’ll teach you how to transform your rental unit(s) to suit travel nurses, to maximize your property’s earning potential and minimize tenant troubles.

    We’ll show you how to:

    • List your property for maximum appeal and consistent occupancy.
    • Furnish your unit for travel nurses’ specific needs (hint: it’s easier and less expensive than you think).
    • Keep everything maintained, so little problems never have a chance to become big issues.
    • Vet applicants properly, so you connect with the right tenants – and avoid the trouble spots.
    • Become an ideal host who attracts great renters, again and again.

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