Want to build wealth through rentals, but nervous about COVID tenants?

You’re not alone. You may have been considering investing in rental properties to build long-term wealth. Real estate is one of the best ways to build wealth, hands down. There are so many upsides to it – depreciation, appreciation, tax benefits, the ability to collect a regular check (assuming the tenants pay each month), and … Read more

At All-Ready Rented, we’re here to help you master travel nurse rentals

Transcript: Interested in investing in rental properties but not sure about the risk? Travel Nurse Rentals Can make a Great Addition to your Portfolio Professional renters Verified income Easier maintenance Abundance of repeat tenants Preserve your property value A great way to make a positive impact As long as you do it Right… Target the … Read more

5 Reasons Renting to Travel Nurses = Better Cash Flow

Wondering what makes travel nurses truly ideal tenants? 1. A Steady Supply of Reliable Income Travel nurses are dedicated, experienced healthcare professionals who travel from one location to the next to take on work at different hospitals across the country. They need safe, comfortable housing, while they work their 13-week assignments (or “rotations“). There are … Read more

It’s a new year. Landlords, do you know where your rent is?

In a recent article BusinessInsider reported that by January 2021, nearly 12 million Americans will owe nearly $6,000 in back rent. “Moody’s chief economist, Mark Zandi, previously estimated that tenants nationwide could owe a total of $70 billion in back rent by the new year, leaving landlords struggling to pay mortgages, property taxes, and more.” … Read more

So, you have a rental property that hasn’t been performing…

So, you have a rental property that hasn’t been performing the way you’d like. Maybe your tenants are a problem. Maybe you’re having trouble keeping it rented. Maybe your short-term rental has been “on ice” during COVID-19. Maybe you’re sick and tired of getting calls at 2 a.m. The bad news is, this happens all … Read more