Rent It, Already! How to optimize your rental listing for maximum occupancy and minimum hassle

2 students

Frustrated by your Furnished Finder listing that isn’t bringing in any leads?

Have you paid your membership fee and uploaded your information, but nobody is responding to your great rental?

You know rending to travel nurses is a great way to cash flow your rental… but you’re just not getting any traction.

You know there are plenty of travel nurses out there… but where? And why aren’t they coming to your listing?

In this course, we’ll help you crack the Furnished Finder code, so the tenants you want will find the housing they need – with you.

You’ll learn:

  • How to optimize your rental listing, so it has special appeal to travel nurses.
  • What features travel nurses look for.
  • How to personalize your listing to clearly communicate its value.
  • How to make sure potential tenants know you’re the kind of landlord they want to rent from.

Each lesson shows you with clear screenshots what your settings should be. There’s no guesswork to it!

We provide you with clear examples of what actually works in the real world, so you can copy our winning formula.

We also explain the reasons why our tactics work, so you can confidently improve your listing.

Like others who have used our tactics, you’ll be able to optimize your listing an about an hour – so that your property stays rented for months and years to come.

Optimize your listing on Furnished Finder today, so you can spend less time hassling over your rental and more time just enjoying your life.

NOTE: This course focuses on settings for Furnished Finder, the premiere site for connecting travel nurses with housing. Always exercise caution when listing your property with other sites. Unfortunately, scams are common, and it is easy to pay good money for a listing, then never hear from the listing company again. Educate yourself and protect your investment – stick with trustworthy, proven listing services

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