Travel Nurse Rentals for Agent Profits

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Are you a newly licensed real estate agent, looking for a great way to get a foothold in serving real estate investors?

Are an established realtor looking for new ways to expand your business?

If you haven’t yet considered travel nurse rental investing, now is the time to do so!

Thousands of travel nurses cross the country on a regular basis, moving from one hospital to the next on rotations. Travel nursing often pays better than the average rate, and additional stipends are offered to cover housing costs. And with the recent pandemic surges, more and more positions are opening across the country to meet the intensifying need for nursing staff. Clearly, there is a recurring, ongoing need for safe, clean, dependable travel nurse housing all across the United States.

But doesn’t this mean that travel nurse rentals won’t be in demand any longer, once a vaccine is available and the pandemic subsides? Not at all! While COVID-19 has dramatically increased the need for nursing staff, travel nursing has been around for a lot longer than the coronavirus, and the demand will continue through the coming years. The population is aging, and chronic health conditions aren’t going away. In any case, the nursing population has typically not met existing need, so the need for additional staff on a contingency basis remains constant.

This course will prepare you to serve investors who are looking for a great rental property opportunity, but who may be reluctant to dive into short-term rentals (we’ve all heard the horror stories about nightmare guests), or who hesitate to do long-term rentals due to economic challenges of the pandemic.

Real estate is a great way to build generational wealth – but not when your tenants trash your property or don’t pay their rent!

Fortunately, this course fills in that critical gap with an alternative few investors think of – but you can take advantage of right away.

Travel Nurse Rentals for Investing Profits prepares you to offer travel nurse rental properties as an option for your investor clients. You’ll be armed with the fundamentals about what makes a property great for renting, what details investors need to take into consideration, as well as how to furnish and effectively manage their acquisition(s).

You’ll learn all about the world of travel nurses – what their lives are like, what they need in housing, what they look for in a rental unit, and how best to serve them as a housing provider. This is an essential foundation for your discussions with investors.

By the time you’ve finished this course, you’ll have a thorough understanding of the travel nurse rental model, and you’ll be able to discuss the options with your clients (and find them just the right properties) with ease and confidence.

Expand your business to include investors… as you help them expand their investing portfolios – and possibilities!

Don’t wait! Start now on your path to greater profits, as you serve the ones who serve us.

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