It’s a new year. Landlords, do you know where your rent is?

In a recent article BusinessInsider reported that by January 2021, nearly 12 million Americans will owe nearly $6,000 in back rent.

“Moody’s chief economist, Mark Zandi, previously estimated that tenants nationwide could owe a total of $70 billion in back rent by the new year, leaving landlords struggling to pay mortgages, property taxes, and more.” (Source: BusinessInsider – see link above)

OK… What does this mean for you, as an investor / potential property owner? Does that put you at risk? Does it mean you can’t invest in rental properties?

That’s the burning question on so many people’s minds. The promise of building generational wealth is real, when it comes to investment properties. Many, many vast fortunes have been based on real estate portfolios. And for long-term passive income with significant appreciation potential, as well as attractive tax benefits, picking up even a few rental properties (if you get the right ones) can do wonders for your long-term prospects.

So, does COVID mean you can’t invest in rentals? Maybe… maybe not.

With the right investments and the right model, you can actually make it work – and have your investments perform better than other comparable ones on the market. We’ve seen it happen with hour own portfolio, and we’ve spoken with other landlords who follow our same model.

What’s the model? Where’s the opportunity? Renting to travel nurses, who need safe, secure, clean, convenient housing during 13-week rotations in major metropolitan areas across the United States.

We love the model, and we’ve seen it work. And now we’re helping others to follow it too.
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