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All-Ready Rented is committed to helping you master the Travel Nurse Rental model! We offer different tracks of study for different types of professionals. We are continuously adding new custom content and resources to our tracks, specifically for your speciality.

What’s Included?


A great place to start! Want to find out what makes renting to travel nurses so attractive? Sign up at this level to master the basics and see if this model is right for you.

Our flagship course Healthy Cash Flow – Introduction to Renting to Travel Nurses walks you through the travel nurse rental model that many successful landlords follow, but has yet to be fully explained to the general public in a comprehensive way. We explain the world of travel nurses, so you can understand your target market, we show you how to select and then furnish ideal properties, and we guide you away from pitfalls that can cost you cash flow. By the time you’re done with this course, you’ll not only understand the travel nurse rental business, but you’ll also be ready to fast-track your progress, so you can save money – and start earning more quickly. Click here to see what you’ll learn!



Whether you’re a newly licensed real estate agent, or a seasoned broker / Realtor, this membership level includes 2 courses that teach you about what makes travel nurses great tenants, the business opportunity for investors, and how to connect your clients with great investment property cash flow potential for renting to travel nurses.

We’ll teach you the fundamentals of the Travel Nurse Rental model, and we’ll also show you how to work with investor clients to help them take advantage of this cash-flowing business opportunity. Our Agent track prepares you to introduce the concept, as well as work directly with investors to effectively build their Travel Nurse Rental portfolio.

Especially for agents, the course Travel Nurse Rentals for Agent Profits prepares you to serve investors who are looking for a great rental property opportunity, but who may be reluctant to dive into short-term rentals (we’ve all heard the horror stories about nightmare guests), or who hesitate to do long-term rentals due to economic challenges of the pandemic. Especially at this time, a course that shows you how to explain the opportunity to investors, locate ideal properties for them, and guide them to ownership and successful renting, is a great complement to your existing skillset. Click here to see what you’ll learn!





Are you a property manager seeking to expand your offerings to owners? Are you new to the business, looking for a niche to serve? Travel nurse rental management is a great addition to any service offering. It’s also a great place to get started.
This course will teach you the insider secrets of optimizing rental listings specifically for Travel Nurses, so you connect with exactly the right tenants on the right platforms. Stop wasting time and money and hoping you’ll fill your vacancies. Pivot to travel nurse rentals, and keep your properties occupied by just the right kinds of tenants.
Learn how to attract and serve this amazing segment, and boost your bottom line with property owners and investors alike. Click here to find out what you’ll learn and how to put it into action!