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Furnished Finder not working for you?
Tired of not getting any interest in your rental property listing?
Make your rental property stand out to travel nurse “angel” tenants with these insider tips and tactics.

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What if you never had to worry about renting your unit again?

What if you could tap into a steady stream of the most desirable tenants you could ask for?

With Rent It, Already! you’ll learn how to supercharge your listing to hit all the right sweet spots with the best tenants – all in about an hour.

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve had your rental cleaned and prepped for your next tenant. Your listing is out there on Furnished Finders, and you know that there are plenty of nurses who need a rental exactly like yours. But nobody’s getting in contact. Day after day, the silence is deafening. You’re paying for all the costs associated with just making that excellent unit perfect for travel nurses… but nobody seems to notice.

Now, what if there were a proven formula you could follow, that laid it all out for you and showed you exactly how to position your property for continuous occupancy – and maximum income? What if you had the exact steps to follow, that took the guesswork out of super-charging your listing?

That’s exactly what I’ve created with Rent It, Already! – a proven, time-tested combination that unlocks the true earning potential of your rental property.

By following my steps and paying attention to specific details, you too can completely revamp your listing and quit worrying about getting desirable tenants in an hour – maybe less.

Just imagine what 100% occupancy would be like!


Only $37 for a limited time.

The problem that shouldn’t exist

We know the feeling… you’ve invested some serious money in your rental property, and you know there are plenty of travel nurse tenants looking for exactly what you offer. But you’re struggling to connect with them.

Right now, the biggest issue in your life is a problem that shouldn’t even exist!

In the midst of COVID-19, when so many landlords are struggling to collect rent – and keep afloat – you’re the last person who should be worrying about vacancy. And yet, you are.

Imagine if all that went away….

Imagine if you could be sure, month after month, that you’ll have your rental occupied…

Imagine what it would be like, to actually turn good applicants away, because your unit is already rented!

With Rent It, Already!, that’s exactly what’s possible. We know, because we’ve seen it happen. Every single day.

In the years that she’s had her own rental, one of our members has had zero vacancy – because she creates her listings in a certain way. And she has to tell one travel nurse after another, that her unit is already rented. She’s had more demand than she can handle, and she’s actively looking for additional rental properties to meet the need.

Let us teach you how to duplicate a system that can keep your unit rented – not just for the next three months, but for years to come.

at the limited-time low, low price of $37

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Michelle’s Story

In May 2018 I accepted a retirement package from my job of 22 years. I ventured into the short-term rental business. I purchased and opened the Cozy & Quiet Bungalow with my first tenant from AirBnB. I sat nervously after checking this young lady in, whom by all intents, seemed very nice. What I did not know was her plans to invite plenty more people… and you can probably figure the rest.

Yes… big party with lots of people…

That’s how I met my neighbors. Yikes!!

I immediately knew the Shorter Term was not for me. Then I found the Travel Nurses online and after following the program closely, I decided the nurses were definitely a go!

I have rented to nurses for 2 years and NOT ONE service call!!!

I go in every 13 weeks and fix what needs to be fixed. It was a “no-brainer” for me.

– Michelle Sanders

Now you can tap into Michelle’s master plan to immediately get and maintain 100% occupancy with this proven model!!

This mini-course is your introductory fast-track to updating your property listing to appeal specifically to travel nurses. You may find it also works well for other types of short-term renters, such as doctors, or corporate travelers.

And while our pro-tips and strategies are for Furnished Finder, you can also leverage them for other listing sites and have the same excellent results.

What can you expect?

We know it’s not easy to stay afloat in a sea of listings. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd. But if you adjust your listing settings in key ways, you can boost performance.

Of course, units don’t list themselves. And if you don’t structure your information properly, you’re missing out on valuable leads – and long-term business.

We’ll walk you through each of the steps below to optimize your listing for maximum occupancy… not just now, but for years to come.

  1. Getting Your Bearings on Furnished Finder – Where do you start? What sections matter most? We’ll show you where to focus, for maximum effect.
  2. Property Contact Info – Giving your property a descriptive name is key to catching renters’ attention. Once you have that attention, how do you show that you’re the kind of host they should rent from? We show you two key settings that you absolutely must set, to show you’re a great host they can trust.
  3. Location – From map pin settings to hospital listings, we show you what information matters to travel nurses, so they pick your property.
  4. Property Details – It might seem simple, but if you omit or choose wrong for property detail settings, it can set you up for failure. We show you exactly the settings we use to ensure 100% occupancy over the long term. Concerned about pets? We cover that, too.
  5. Amenities – Some landlords skimp on the details, which can make it hard to position a property. Nurses need some features more than others, and some are non-negotiable. We’ll show you what you need to check off on the Amenities page, to get more leads and also attract the right tenants.
  6. Photos – It’s not enough to snap some photos and upload them to the site. You need to be strategic and do it right. We’ll show you what works for us, and what will set you apart. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure your photos are top-notch.
  7. Calendar – The all-important calendar tells prospects when your unit is available. Renting via multiple platforms? We include instructions on how to sync your calendars to avoid double bookings.
  8. Notifications – These are the lifeblood of your rental business. We’ll show you how to set these, so you can rest assured that you’ll hear about all the opportunities that come your way. Then you can pick and choose the tenants you want.
  9. Pro Tip – The Valuable Leads that Many Hosts Miss – An added bonus that can make all the difference between getting some leads, and lots and lots of leads.
  10. Our Resources section includes property checklists, links to travel nurse Facebook communities, and other helpful information to make you a well-rounded host who better understands the needs of travel nurses.

What’s it worth to you, to learn all this?

If you’ve been struggling with getting your listing noticed, the costs can add up. Nobody wants their investment property to be vacant, and making key changes to your listing can help get it noticed.

How much of a difference would non-stop occupancy make to your cash flow? What would it be worth to you? And what if you could have more confidence that you’d have a steady stream of renewed renters, regardless of COVID or market conditions.

If your unit rents for $1900/month, just two more weeks of occupancy each year will bring in another $950 each year.

And by tweaking your listing to appeal specifically to travel nurses, you’re setting yourself up to rent to some of the best tenants around.

What would it be worth to you, to know that your tenants will be moving on, at the time they said they would?

What would it be worth to you, to not have to clean up after nightmare tenants who have their relatives move in with them and never clean?

What would it be worth to you, if you could get into your property every 3 months to make small fixes – before they turn into major issues?

Peace of mind and predictability … priceless!

We give you the inside information you need to update your listing so it actually has a chance to perform.

Rent It, Already! includes the following value-added bonuses:

  • Facebook groups listing to connect directly with travel nurses and learn from other hosts. You don’t have to search high and low for them. We bring them to you. – a $19 value
  • Free photo editing resources online, so your pictures look their best, without needing to hire a professional. – a $29 value
  • Furnishings checklist, so you don’t have too little, but you also don’t have too much. Take the list shopping, and know that you’ll have exactly what you need to get your unit properly outfitted.  – a $29 value
  • Links to resources that give you an insider’s view of what travel nurses look for in housing, so you can position your property just right. – a $9 value
  • Ongoing updates to our resources, as we discover them and build them. Actionable information and additional tools are coming soon, and your membership includes lifetime access to all enhancements we add in the future. – priceless

Those bonuses alone provide significant value. But the real value comes from getting your space rented. Imagine what just another week of occupancy would do? What if you’d had someone in your rental, the whole time it’s been empty?

At this low, low introductory price of $37 (price goes up to $57 in mid-September), you can easily recoup the cost many times over with just one more week of occupancy. It could even pay for itself before the month is out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: It works for you, but will it work for me?
A: Obviously, every situation is different, and each unit is unique. So, we don’t make any guarantees. We’re sharing what we know works for us – which has worked for 2 years of non-stop occupancy with NO service calls.

Q: Sometimes “optimization tips” are against the rules? Is this?
A: No. All our instructions are strictly on the up-and-up, and we show you how to leverage the system more efficiently to stand out in a crowded field.

Q: Will it give me an unfair advantage?
A: It will give you a fair advantage. Many, many hosts don’t invest the time and effort in optimizing their listings. By following our instructions, you can make sure your rental stands out and presents the best view possible.

How can you tap into this all – right now?

  • To get started immediately, just sign up for the course, and work your way through the lessons.
  • Follow our instructions for each lesson, using our examples as a guide.
  • Some steps you may have already mastered, so you can just skip them and move to the next.
  • Spend as much time as you want, on each lesson – but it doesn’t have to take long. Some of them only take a few minutes… or longer, if you like.
  • When you’re done, you’ll have a listing that’s optimized for Furnished Finder, and you can replicate those same features in listings on other platforms, if you wish. The principles are the same — making yourself available and visible, showcasing your property like a pro, and making sure prospects know what amenities you offer.

It’s all about positioning, and you’ll have that in place, by the time you’re done.

Just imagine…

What it would be like to have an income property that brings you income.

A rental unit that works for you, instead of the other way around.

Now keep in mind…

We cant do it for you.

Yes, Rent It, Already! helps you get your property noticed and rented.

It also points out where your listing needs help – and how you can improve it.

These exact steps ensured that one of our program members has a steady stream of leads for her Baltimore property. In fact, she’s had so much interest in her travel nurse rental that she’s had to turn away tens of leads — all during COVID. She’s currently looking for another property and collaborating with other investors to meet that demand. The nurses keep coming, and the opportunity is there!

But to realize the benefits, you need to take action.

When you sign up, you’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to the content. There’s no need to subscribe to a higher level to get additional Rent It, Already! content and guidance. Just sign up once, and you’ll continue to get access to this specific program as we evolve it. More resources and content is planned, with an additional listing generator tool already in the works!
  • A quick, targeted way to improve your listing without a lot of fluff. You don’t have to spend weeks figuring it out. You can do it a weekend – or even an afternoon (depending on your listing). We cut right to the chase and show you what we’ve done that’s made us so successful.
  • You don’t have to figure this out for yourself. Just follow our successful model to see what we’ve done and have the same kind of optimized listing that’s worked for us for years.
  • More bonuses. More content. And advance notice of other trainings at discounted prices, so you can take your rental business to the next level – or even get started taking advantage of this niche market.

Who benefits most?

  • Short-term rental owners who need some help. If you want to get off the big platforms that charge Big Fees and then side with tenants, should a dispute arise… or you’re fine with staying on the big OTRs but your listing needs helpl… or you’ve had a listing on Furnished Finder and it’s just not performing, this course can help.
  • Long-term landlords who have HAD it with trouble tenants who damage their property and don’t pay rent. If you’ve been considering switching to short-term rental, but you’ve heard the horror stories about “vacationers from hell”, renting to travel nurses may be just the option for you. And with this course, you can get a head start on positioning your property for the same kind of “angel tenants” we’ve been hosting for years.
  • Furnished Finder members who need a boost. If you’ve been struggling to get renters on FF, this course might just help you turn the corner and get your property earning for you.
  • Travel nurses in serious need of quality housing like yours.

Want to get started? It’s easy!

  1. Click here to sign up for Rent It, Already! with your Paypal account or credit card.
  2. You’ll get instant access to the course – no need to wait to get started!
  3. Take a look at the curriculum and see which parts are most necessary. Note: We recommend you at least scan the whole course, but everybody needs a different amount of help, so you can fast-track your optimization by drilling down on the topics that matter most to you.
  4. Click into each lesson, read it through, and implement as you go. Take action and plug in the details you need for each part of the site.
  5. Double-check that your settings are correct for each lesson, before you move on to the next.
  6. Refer to the resources included in each lesson, as well as in the Resources unit. This can give you more insight into why you’re doing what you’re dong. It may also jog your memory or give you more ideas for how to pump up your listing.
  7. Check back anytime to refresh your memory or try different approaches. We’ll also be adding more content and tools over time, and your low, one-time membership gets you lifetime access to all of that!

Please note:

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

Imagine where you could be just a few days from now, when travel nurses start contacting you about your property. Imagine how it would be to check your leads, and see a full page of prospective tenants. From experience, we can tell you, having too many leads to help is a great problem to have! Imagine having that problem…

Obviously, we can’t guarantee that your property will be ideal for every single travel nurse. Nor can we guarantee that a dangerous, distant location or a poorly furnished property will see the same results that a well-appointed unit within 2 blocks of the nearest hospital. That’s just common sense.

But if your rental is on par with others that are performing well, it’s entirely possible that updating your listing will significantly improve your results, as well as your bottom line.

More tenants means more income. More income means the investment property you purchased to add to your passive income and build long-term wealth will actually serve its purpose.

And like one of our other program members, you may find yourself doing well enough that you need to purchase more properties to meet the need you see, each and every day. Feeling the pressure to find another rental to fill is yet another great problem to have!

But let’s stop talking about what “could be”. Let’s talk about what will be. We will be raising the price in mid-September, so the program is available at this low price for only a short time. Lock in this current price, before the cost goes up.

Even at the new price, this training will still pay for itself many times over, just by getting you an additional week of occupancy. But if you want to take advantage of the low price, now is the time to act.

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